Jesse in the SPOTlight!

Check it out, y'all -- how cute is THIS guy? 

That happy face! (I know, right??)

World, meet Jesse. Jesse is a Havanese who, as you can see above, loves stealing his mom's stuff. But he's a good boy: he doesn't chew it, he just sleeps with it! Jesse has a 90 lb black and tan brother, for whom he whines in the morning: he wants to make sure his brother gets fed, even though he himself isn't all that hungry. (He does love lettuce, though!)

As his mom says, "Havanese are highly trainable, silly and quirky. They are often used in circuses because of their desire to please and interact." She says Jesse is a lot like that, and used to love riding in the car and having folks notice him, until they were in an accident last year, which made him afraid of the car (who wouldn't be? Poor guy!).

Jesse comes to Pet Groomerie because his mom loves to keep his fur on the short side -- keeps him comfortable and keeps him looking like a puppy!  He loves the Scenthound Express service between haircuts. Besides, his grandfather was best in breed nationally  for 5 years, so clearly he has a reputation to maintain.

We love all our sweet customers here at Pet Groomerie. And they all seem to be happy!  'Cause like Oliver, Jesse's mom says his theme song would be Pharrell Williams' "Happy."  (This version is still our favorite.)

Dogs just ARE happy, aren't they? And they make us happy, too. Here's to Jesse and all the sweet pups of the world. And thanks, Jesse, for being in the SPOTlight! You are too cute!