Panda in the SPOTlight!

Ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to introduce you to Panda, one of our most dedicated and loyal Pet Groomerie family members:

 Panda and his mom Cheryl are quite the team, coming up with the best costumes every Halloween, as you can see:

Cheryl says, "Panda was born on June 19th 2004 and came from a family who had way too many puppies (okay I wrote a check for him); he adopted me on Sept 24th 2004 .  This was the day before hurricane Jeanne and, I think because of that, he has always had a problem with thunder and lightning.  

Panda is a sweet and very energetic dog, with a mind of his own -- and he usually gets what he wants. He loves riding in shopping carts and he loves all people.  His favorite thing right now is walking up and down Worth Avenue. He hates being left alone.  He also hates the UPS truck!   

He loves belly rubs that turn into full body massages. And anytime you say Happy (like Happy Birthday, Happy Christmas, Happy Tuesday) it means he is getting a present!"

Another fun fact: "He can hear a crinkle a mile away so don’t think you are going to have some chips or make a deli sandwich and not share. He also loves frozen vegetables!" 

 Why does Panda come to Pet Groomerie, you ask?

"Panda had been to a couple other groomers before he found Pet Groomerie. He is so grateful to have found them, as he never had a good experience elsewhere.  He loves the kindness and care he receives but boy he is also happy when Mom picks him up!!"

Panda, you are a good boy no matter how your mom dresses you like a Bad Dog! We love you and your mom and are so glad you're part of the Pet Groomerie family!


Jesse in the SPOTlight!

Check it out, y'all -- how cute is THIS guy? 

That happy face! (I know, right??)

World, meet Jesse. Jesse is a Havanese who, as you can see above, loves stealing his mom's stuff. But he's a good boy: he doesn't chew it, he just sleeps with it! Jesse has a 90 lb black and tan brother, for whom he whines in the morning: he wants to make sure his brother gets fed, even though he himself isn't all that hungry. (He does love lettuce, though!)

As his mom says, "Havanese are highly trainable, silly and quirky. They are often used in circuses because of their desire to please and interact." She says Jesse is a lot like that, and used to love riding in the car and having folks notice him, until they were in an accident last year, which made him afraid of the car (who wouldn't be? Poor guy!).

Jesse comes to Pet Groomerie because his mom loves to keep his fur on the short side -- keeps him comfortable and keeps him looking like a puppy!  He loves the Scenthound Express service between haircuts. Besides, his grandfather was best in breed nationally  for 5 years, so clearly he has a reputation to maintain.

We love all our sweet customers here at Pet Groomerie. And they all seem to be happy!  'Cause like Oliver, Jesse's mom says his theme song would be Pharrell Williams' "Happy."  (This version is still our favorite.)

Dogs just ARE happy, aren't they? And they make us happy, too. Here's to Jesse and all the sweet pups of the world. And thanks, Jesse, for being in the SPOTlight! You are too cute!

Then I Saw Her Face...

Welcome, Annabella, to the SPOTlight! 

You sure are loved, Annabella – your mom and dad say that you brought back the heart into their home and lives.  As they tell it, “Annabella came into our lives on June 8, 2013. We needed to get the heart back in our home. We have always been sheltie people. We tragically lost our last sheltie and were heartbroken for a year and a half. So we contacted a breeder in Orlando and fell in love with our sweet Annabella. She was six months old and was a feisty pup.”

The lowdown on this sweet girl: 


kissing (especially after her humans gargle with Listerine)

sheltie soccer

going to the beach and going in the boat as first mate!

going to Starbucks and sharing in lunch with Mommy and Daddy!

going to work with her Mommy and Daddy

riding in the red Jeep:

Riverhouse leftover steak.

Saturday nights: scrambled eggs for dinner!


When you say to her "Let me see your cotton ball!" (She'll flip over to have her belly rubbed.)



thunderstorms and the rain (all your canine friends hear you on that one, girl)

goodbyes (yep)



 Why do you take Annabella to Pet Groomerie (or any other groomer)?

 We came into your spa with Annabella and were greeted by your lovely sweet kind staff. All of your staff treats Annabella as if she belongs to them. We would not go to any other groomer. You won us over the very first time Annabella got her first bath. Pet Groomerie is a part of Annabella's extended family.

What would her theme song be? Her favorite movie?

"I'm a Believer" -- the Shrek movie song. Someone might think that her favorite movie would be Lassie since she could be a distant relative, but we think Annabella’s favorite movie would be Shrek because of the songs!

Final words?

“We love our Furry Little Child Dearly. She brought back the heart into our Home and Lives.”

Seriously -- how CUTE is she?!

loves her Daddy

loves her Daddy

first mate!

first mate!




playing with her cousin Cooper

playing with her cousin Cooper

We love you too, Annabella! Thanks for being part of our family!