Bringin' It Home

Here's a quick quiz:

Mobile grooming makes sense because:

a) anything mobile is cool

b) it's even more convenient

c) it saves you two trips (there and back)

d) the van looks cool in your driveway.

Ahhh yeah, right there....

Ahhh yeah, right there....

Answer: All of the above! (Did you ace it? Here's a cookie.)  Yes, you will look cool with our mobile van in your driveway. It shows people what an awesome, responsible dog owner you are. People will assume your house is just as clean as your dog (they don't  need to know). 

But mobile grooming is also great for your dog! It's faster, there's less time away from you, less time in the car, time away from protecting the house. You get one-on-one attention. Your pup never has to leave home. He stays relaxed and looks cool in front of all the neighborhood dogs. If he doesn't like other dogs or being in a crate, it's even better!

So give your pet the gift of all that (and a bag of chips) this holiday. She'll love it so much you'll wonder why you didn't do it before. Give us a call and we'll come over and play.

Jupiter:  (561) 745-6605

West Palm Beach (new!): (561) 328-9096