Once there was a family and they loved their dog so much that they started a dog care company, called Pet Groomerie, that brought a bunch of dog people together to do great work caring for dogs.

Aggie, 2003-2014

But then they started to wonder…

“What about all those dogs we don’t see in the grooming salon? They need regular care, too!”

So they took their tools, knowledge, and passion to the streets and neighborhoods of town. 

And they called it Scenthound:
S_kin  •  C_oat  •  E_ars  •  N_ails  •  T_eeth

They offered a bath, ear-cleaning, nail-trimming, and teeth-brushing. While you wait. For only $25. And the Scenthound Express was born.

They held free community events and neighborhood dog washes. They taught dog parents the importance of regular, preventive care for their dogs’ health. Monthly maintenance keep dogs clean, comfortable and most importantly can prevent a whole host of health issues.

The Scenthound Express was renamed the Essential Care Pack because this care is all-in-one – and it’s essential, of course!

Scenthound made it easy and affordable for people to provide the best care for their dogs... to be great dog parents. 

They started a Monthly Care Club to help people keep on top of this essential care with discounts on all their services.

The moral of the story?

Pet Groomerie  +  Scenthound =  Healthy, happy dogs