May 23 is National Heat Awareness Day

Things are heating up across the country and especially here in South Florida! Heat awareness for your dog is SUPER important in the coming months. It could be the difference between life and death! Here are the tips you need to know to be an awesome dog parent and take the best care of that furry pal of yours when the temps are soaring.

  • NEVER leave your dog in the car! Nope, not in the shade or with the windows cracked either. The inside temperature of your car can quickly reach 120 degrees and rapidly cause heat stroke (or worse!!) in dogs.
  • Know the signs of HEAT STROKE – heavy panting and restlessness, not being able to sit or lie down. Brick red gums and fast pulse are also something to recognize.
  • If you suspect heat stroke call your vet or ER clinic right away. They may suggest cooling the dog with some water, but never immerse in an ice bath because that could be too stressful for the system.
  •  Carefully monitor your dog during the coming months while out walking, running, biking or any other outdoor activities. Take a lot of shady breaks and give frequent water.

Now that you’re armed with a few precautions and signs to look for, get out there, enjoy summer and be HEAT SAFE!

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