Scenthound Plus, an emerging leader in the dog-care industry, is the new name of Pet Groomerie. The change reflects the company’s shift to focus on dog health and wellness, by offering Monthly Care Clubs that include the essential care and maintenance every dog needs.

West Palm Beach, FL – Aug. 4, 2015 – Pet Groomerie locations in Jupiter and West Palm Beach are now officially named Scenthound Plus (, marking the final transition to the company’s new wellness-focused concept in dog care. Since introducing its signature Essential Care Pack just months ago, Scenthound has enrolled hundreds of dogs in its Monthly Care Club, to receive the preventive care that improves health and can even extend a dog’s life.

Scenthound’s Essential Care Pack includes the basic care dogs require on a regular basis: a conditioning bath, ear cleaning, nail trim and teeth brushing. The concept evolved naturally from the owners’ experience in grooming: monthly maintenance is critical to every dog’s health and well-being, even those who don’t require a haircut. 

“We’re thrilled to provide an affordable, convenient service to help keep dogs healthy, and potentially even extend their lives,” said Tim Vogel, Scenthound CEO. “Scenthound’s Monthly Care Club was designed to address common and preventable issues that affect a dog’s overall wellness. Dog parents are embracing our solution, especially when they learn the importance of regular maintenance in keeping their dogs more comfortable, healthier, and preventing serious conditions. We look forward to serving all the dogs who may not have visited us for grooming, but still need that regular essential care.”

While the focus has shifted to overall health, Scenthound is committed to the same excellent care it has provided for years. Grooming services are still offered at the Scenthound Plus “Scenters” in West Palm Beach and Jupiter. The company will open a third Scenter in Boynton Beach this September.

Monthly Care Clubs start at just $25 per month for one signature Essential Care Pack, plus discounts on all other services. Other package levels including an unlimited monthly plan are also available. The Essential Care Pack is a walk-in, while-you-wait service available Monday through Saturday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For location and contact information, visit 

About Scenthound
Scenthound is a convenient and affordable way for dog parents to get essential care and monthly maintenance for their dogs. The signature Essential Care Pack includes a conditioning bath, ear cleaning, nail trim and teeth brushing, as a while-you-wait service. This critical monthly maintenance is offered at three membership levels in Scenthound’s Monthly Care Club, plus discounts on additional services. With regular preventive care, every dog is more comfortable, healthier and happier. For more information, visit; or call Scenthound Plus in Jupiter at 561-401-9422; or West Palm Beach at 561-686-3630.