Meet Assistant Trimmer Alex!

Alex is one of those people who gives you a huge smile whenever she meets you. Her coworkers describe her as bubbly and smart; when she says she'd describe herself as shy and weird they immediately jump in to say, "No, you're not!" To which Alex fires back, "What's wrong with weird? Normal is boring!" Honestly, though, she's also normal in a cool way: Alex loves to go to the beach in her free time and spend time with her 5-year-old daughter London. She loves to draw and has even been known to create cool dog portraits in the salon. She has her own little pup, a "crazy" chihuahua named Ash. Her favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate; one of her favorite movies is Rocky Horror Picture Show. (Ahh, now we're getting down to the "weird" part...)  Alex moved here about a year and a half ago from Manhattan (that also explains a lot -- JUST KIDDING, all you New Yorkers!) and has been with us for about 9 months. She says she loves it here -- it's paradise. All we can say is, weird or normal, Alex: we're glad you're part of the tribe.