Because I'm Happy...

Welcome OLIVER to the SPOTlight!

My beginnings: “I was still a puppy, living with my parents and two siblings.  Life was good but I knew that the time with my immediate family was limited. Then along came Trisha.  My littermates and I saw her and thought she was pretty cool.   She played with all of us but we knew that just one of us was going to be the lucky pup, so we all put on our best show for her.  As she looked over the three of us wiggling in our pen the anticipation built.  Then she bent down and picked ME up. Score!  I just found my new forever home! That was 12 years ago.  Life is good.”

Trisha says that Oliver is all boy.  He's a rough and tumble, not-afraid-to-get-his paws-dirty kind of guy.  He loves to go on walks and get his belly rubbed.  As soon as he hears the leash he runs to the front door.  And when he’s excited, he doesn’t just wag his tail – he wags his whole rear end!

Four questions with Oliver:

Your favorite food: Um, anything?  Bananas are my fave.  

Your favorite movie would be: Ratatouille, ’cause it’s all about fooooood.

Your favorite song: Pharrell Williams’s Happy

In honor of Halloween, what’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you? Oh gosh, I fell into a pool when I was a baby! I didn’t know how to swim, it was so scary!  But my humans fished me out, shivering and sopping wet. I haven’t really wanted anything to do with water ever since then. Except I love coming to Pet Groomerie because even though I’m all boy, I do like to get spiffed up and clean and I love looking my best. See?

 Happy and handsome: that's Oliver for you. We love you, Oliver!