Why you really need to clip Spot's nails

If you’re like the majority of dog owners you know your dog’s nails need to be clipped periodically. Spot’s paws start looking unsightly or you are suddenly much more aware of the “click, click, click” on your hard floors. Did you know letting a dog’s nails get too long is actually a health hazard?

Most people have no idea! Here are some real problems that every dog owner should be aware of:

  • Unlike human nails, dog nails are an extension of their BONES. Left to grow and grow they can cause the bones in their legs to be affected and cripple them.
  • Very long nails can change a dog’s gait making it very painful for them to walk and you might not even know.
  • The longer the nails grow the longer the quick (blood vessel inside the nail) grows making it harder to trim the nails without hurting them.
  • Nails can end up growing into the paw pads which can make them eventually immobile.

Alright, so that is down and dirty on nail clipping! The moral of the story is that keeping a dog’s nails trimmed is much more than a beauty regimen. It can help them lead a healthier, pain free life. If cutting your own dog’s nails makes your palms sweat the professionals can get it done for you worry-free!