Pet dental care: an essential part of grooming!

February is Pet Dental Month and we take that very seriously around here. Skipping Max’s routine dental care doesn’t just give him funky dog breath friends, it can go much deeper. Bacteria from your pet’s teeth can spread systemically throughout their little bodies damaging their liver, brain, kidneys and heart without you even knowing it! Did you know 80% of all pets over 3 have periodontal disease? Yikes! We know you want your pals around for as long as possible and all it takes is some regular brushing and dental care to keep those choppers (and the rest of them) healthy.

One of Pet Groomerie’s favorite products is Plaq Clnz. When you bring your pet in we will do an initial professional treatment of Plaq Clnz and then a gel is available to purchase when you check out for you to apply at home. No brushing necessary, easy peasy! All pet dental products are 20% off this month at both salons to get you in a new healthy habit.