Kicking off Pet Health Month at Pet Groomerie

What your dog should NEVER eat

March is pet health month here at the salon. We are working on focusing on very specific ways to determine what health area on your pet need some TLC. You want the best for your family members with four legs but we aren’t all versed in animal care so we want to make it easier for you! Here is a quick list of some food items your pets should NEVER ingest. That’s an easy place to start, right?

  • Chocolate! Most pet owners know dogs should not have a Milky Way, but theobromine is a chemical found in every kind of chocolate and even small amount should be avoided. A small dog licking a chocolate cake plate could even give them diarrhea or cause them to vomit. Call the vet right away if your dog has scarfed a bigger amount of chocolate because they could seize or even (ugh) die. Healthy Choice? Carob. Plenty of treats are made with Carob and Carob chips which are sweet and taste very much like chocolate. Pet Groomerie stocks our pups’ favorite carob cookies!
  • Grapes! Why is that? Again, like chocolate they can make a dog vomit and lethargic. Who knew such a healthy snack could be such a bummer for your dog? If you’re sharing a little of your fruit salad feel free to let them have a bit of watermelon, banana, apple or orange instead.
  • Meat Scraps and Bones… Some dog owners really enjoy sharing the bits of a fine meal with their pets but it’s not always the best idea. A little treat now and again won’t hurt them, but frequent leftovers of fatty meat pieces can have a negative effect on their health. Give them lean cuts and stay away from the bones in your steak which could splinter!