Dog Breath!

We are wrapping up dental month BUT that doesn’t mean we stop paying attention to our pup’s choppers! It’s weird, as humans we pretty much all get our teeth cleaned every 6 months and brush twice a day, right? Then when it comes to “man’s best friend” we make funny jokes about their dog breath and just hope for the best. Funky dog breath actually means there is bacteria hanging out most likely causing periodontal disease!  Shockingly eighty percent of dogs have dental disease by age three.

Regular dental care can extend a dog’s life 3-5 years!  It’s true. We know, between juggling the kids, being late for work, cooking dinner the thought of brushing your dog’s teeth being added into the mix is almost comical. It’s not so funny when you have to spend up to $200 to get their rotted teeth removed.

What’s the plan then? For starters it doesn’t have to break the bank to clean your dog’s teeth. At Pet Groomerie we offer tooth brushing as an affordable add-on to a Speedy Spot Express Wash or as part of a grooming visit. Let the pros at our salon clean your dog’s teeth! We have take-home products our groomers can recommend that can kick up your dog’s dental care too.