Ah!! Flea and Tick Season

We’ve got you covered here at the Pet Bloggerie on the basics of flea and tick season. These little pests become a problem for us earlier in the year down here in Florida but a few tips can help you keep them at bay.

Keep the buggers away from your pet, house and yard! Start with the most noticeable (because they itch like crazy) and frequently bathe your pets. There are a variety of topical and oral medications that should be given consistently to your animals, especially if they are prone to fleas and ticks. At Pet Groomerie we favor Advantix but there are lots of choices.

If you find your pet has fleas a professional salon can give him a flea treatment and you started back on the right foot. Once your pet is flea free you have to look at his environment. All of the linens your pet comes into contact with have to be washed in hot water to prevent new fleas from hitching a ride. You will also need to vacuum your rugs furniture treated as well if it is porous. This is why it’s a good idea to keep a designated sleeping area for your pet.

Don’t forget the yard! Besides keeping it maintained and trimmed there are flea and tick repellents available at your local hardware store.

Sometimes fleas are not so obvious. Maybe Fido is scratching a little but you’re just not sure. Put on some white socks and walk around your house. You’ll be a flea detective in NO time!

Aside from being itchy and pesky fleas can cause tapeworms. Yuck! So there’s enough reason to be vigilant this season.