2013 Walk for the Animals Recap!

The Walk for the Animals was a great success! The day started off beautiful and a little cool. Peggy Adams staff and volunteers worked hours to put on a 5 star event. Right as the walking teams and dogs started showing up the temps started going up and officially became a picture perfect day to wash dogs! Pet Groomerie had a big group of volunteers and celebrity washers on hand eager to roll up their sleeves and pant legs and bring on the soap. Our celebs even washed a hybrid which is a BIG half wolf!

Together we worked to raise hundreds of dollars at our tent and met so many WARM human and furry faces along the way. Patrons had dozens of heart- warming stories about their rescue dogs and everyone was incredibly happy to be able to give back to the organization that connected them. We were honored to be a part of it and really dig how many super cool, loving pet owners are out there in Palm Beach County! We took a few photos you can see on our Facebook Page and also check out Dog’s Life Photography for more to see your pooch.