Pedicures for Pooches

What a nice day to get my nails done! Not only do they look fabulous afterward, but also I am able to utilize them so much better when they are nicely groomed. Know who else enjoys a nice mani-pedi? My adorable beagle, Lou. He LOVES being pampered! Talk about a real hound dog. I can grab the clippers and he gives me his belly faster than he steals snacks (he’s such a thief!). 

Unfortunately, not all pups respond to spa treatment with such enthusiasm so owners will skip the clips here and there. I mean, it’s not a big deal, right? Wrong!

Nails are tools for dogs. If they become too long they are unable to use them and then the nails begin to curl. If this persists it will alter the way they walk around and eventually change their bone structure. Ouch!

Some breeds are more susceptible to this than others. Cavalier’s nails tend to be very curly. Yorkshire Terriers usually have black nails, making them more difficult to clip. Both of these breeds benefit from having their nails clipped more often. 

Using a Dremel® (filing or grinding) is better for dogs nails that split, and takes away the sharp edges of freshly cut nails. Old dogs’ nails tend to crack or shred, so it’s good for them. Other dogs are sensitive to clipping, or they don’t like their nails to be clipped so it’s another option for them as well. The Dremel® is able to cut the nails a little shorter than the clippers and it smoothens them.

Cuddling with your pet is such a happy time, especially when you don’t have to worry about little cuts from their sharp nails!