Keep it Real

Should you dye your dog's hair?

Being a grooming salon, Pet Groomerie is always on the look-out for new trends in dog care. There have been some doozies out there recently! The most “striking” being dying dog’s hair. Maybe a little pink streak will add to Lucy’s personality or make her stand out in the crowd? While we often feel like our dogs ARE our children, they are still dogs and need to be considered that way first.

Lots of owners consider ways to dress up or adorn pets, but dying a dog’s hair is unsafe and can be damaging. There are no dog hair dyes on the market specifically tested for dogs, leaving the only options- ones made for humans. Animals react differently to chemicals just like some people have allergic reactions to hair dye as well. Dogs are covered in hair too! They lick just about everything making it very possible for them to ingest these dyes.

There are also psychological risks to consider. Bella the poodle doesn’t walk into a salon looking for a little pizzazz. She thinks she looks just fine and natural the way she is. Dogs don’t understand seeing parts of themselves colored and other dogs don’t like the looks of it either.

New trends can be fun and there are plenty of other safe ways to have fashion fun with your pet. Just leave the hair dying to us humans! Fur real.