Tales from the [Grooming] Crypt

Welcome to the latest installment of... [cue the creepy music] “Tales from the Grooming Crypt Vault!” These stories are taken from deep in the crypt and aired in the light of day in order to frighten young children into better behavior!  JUST KIDDING.  Actually, they’re just things folks in the Pet Groomerie family have learned the hard way; they’re cautionary tales meant to spare you the same horror!  [cue the triumphant “Ta-Da!” music]

One of our clients, Sadie the Labradoodle, is an otherwise healthy, happy dog.  She loves to romp on the beach and get sand all over her owners’ car, house, clothes, you name it.  Once upon a time, she came in for a Speedy Spot bath and ear-cleaning.  Thanks to our ever-vigilant groomers, however, it was discovered that Sadie had a couple of mats in the fur between her paw pads.  Because she’s rather fluffy, her human hadn’t noticed.  Sadie wasn’t limping yet, but we are not sure how—she must have paws of steel—because she had a couple of sand-burrs tangled up in that fur between her front pads.  They had become like tiny knots and were so tight and tangled that they were pinching the skin between her toes!  Needless to say, her human felt like the Worst. Dog Owner.Ever until we reassured her that it’s fairly common for this to happen.  It’s all about awareness, really—knowing to check between your dog’s pads and get them trimmed regularly.  This way, they’re less likely to retain debris or moisture that can cause greater problems, such as those mats or even bacterial infection.

Live and learn, people.  Now go check the fur between your pup’s pads and give us a call if that fur reaches past the pads themselves—that means it’s time for a trim!

Stay tuned for the next frightening-but-enlightening Tales from the Grooming Crypt (bwa-ha-ha-ha)…